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Cardinal Village Reviews

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"I have been living at the Cardinal Village for one year and a half. It's been very convenient due to my studies at the University of Louisville - 15 minutes walking to my school. Another critical factor is safety and a spacious parking lot. Each resident has their keys to the external doors, the parking lot is large and illuminated. My apartment has a decent size and a great balcony. The unit, though, is old so the floor is noisy, but there are other units already renovated. The building is clean, and it has a nice laundry with all machines operating properly. Now, because of the stairs, you need help moving in with your stuff. Lastly, the manager, Donna Beeler, is so helpful! She is always responsive to my requests."

- January 2021 by Dmsato

"Donna was ALWAYS extremely kind and professional. She was ALWAYS extremely helpful and was always making our lives easier. When we were out of town, for example, she would put our correspondences and boxes in our apartment, she would check in if we were okay. Every detail that we needed, for example, fix a toilet, she would respond PROMPTLY and she would make sure that it was fixed in the same day! Cardinal Village is a wonderful place to live thanks to Donna!! She is the reason why you should rent this place!! Trust me! Pay a few extra bucks for having an amazing quality of life! Everything she does demonstrates how much she cares about everyone in the property. She is always attentive and caring!! Thank you SO much for everything, Donna!!! We greatly appreciate it!"

- March 2020 by Caroline Greiner

"Living at Cardinal Village is absolutely perfect for me. The apartment is clean, updated, and the perfect size for just me and my dog. I can walk to campus, and I love my short commute! It's so nice to have a parking lot for when I do need to drive somewhere or when I have guests, though. Donna, the manager, is so helpful and kind. She has responded right away to the few issues I have had. She has gone above and beyond to make me and my dog feel welcome here. It is a great place to call home!"

- January 2019 by Brooklee Boots

"I first saw this apartment online and called to check it out. The office manager immediately answered, and answered my four subsequent calls with other questions even though it was the weekend and the office was closed! It is so clean and well kept. The attention paid to a quality place to live is so high. The people who work here are very personable and quick to respond. It's great!"

- November 2018 by Patrick Moore

"it has been 14 months now in Cardinal Village so far. If you work or study at U of L, Cardinal Village is the place to be. Commuting is very easy. PNC bank is just next door and lots of restaurants and ice-cream shops around to explore. Very peaceful and parking space is always available. The best thing that happened in Cardinal Village is the manager Donna. She is very organized and helpful. She helped me to take care of my mail while I was away more than a month. Wonderful time here!"

- October 2017 by Anonymous

"I can't say enough good things about Cardinal Village and on-site manager Donna Beeler. My daughter is in undergraduate school of U of L, and we were looking for a safe and clean place for her to live...There is a parking lot adjacent to the building, the building has key-entry access, and the manager is on-site to deal with any items. The complex is literally catty-corner to the University -so she could easily walk to class. We are so thankful to have found this for our daughter!"

Review Received From: http://apartmentratings.com

- September 2016 by R.Carothers

"Living here is amazing! Cardinal Village is in closer proximity to campus than many "on-campus" living facilities. Ms. Donna and Louis are extremely helpful and understanding-- as are my neighbors. I feel safe living here. In the nearly two years that I have live here, university students have been really considerate when it comes to noise level and traffic. This is probably one of the best places to rent from!"

- June 2016 by Amber Seay

"I lived in Cardinal Village as an undergraduate at U of L, and it is by far one of the best places I have lived. Maintenance was great, management was amazing, and I loved the floor plan. It was good for my needs as a student needing somewhere close to campus."

- February 2016 by Jillian Watts

"I have lived here with my boyfriend for several months now and we could not be happier with the apartments at Cardinal Village. Even my classes that are on the far side of the U of L Belknap campus are at most a 15 minute walk. I feel extremely safe here, it is well lit for when I come in late and there is always plenty of parking. They are constantly maintaining the area and it is very clean, never any bugs. Laundry is in the main building and ends up costing to wash and dry total 3 dollars a load. The walls are extremely sound proof and it is a very quiet complex, if my boyfriend and I are in separate rooms i can barely hear him talking which makes studying really nice and I never hear my neighbors. The apartments are older, the only place that I can see that is in the kitchen, but it comes with a fridge, oven/stove, and dishwasher. The apartments on the bottom level do not come with a balcony but they are a bit cheaper, we have a balcony which we use often and it lets in a lot of light. The neighborhood has lots of restaurants you can walk to and a Kroger about a mile away. Plenty of water pressure and I have never run out of hot water, it is also included in the rent. They do a drawing every month if you pay your rent early to win 25 dollars, and they hold your packages for you so that no one could steal it like they could at other complexes. I visited tons of apartments before moving to Louisville and this has been by far the best decision I am extremely comfortable here and the rent is well worth it for the location and safety."

- July 2015 by Anonymous

"I have a wonderful experience here! The manager and the maintenance are both nice and helpful. The apartment is 5 minutes walking distance to U of L main campus. Not-fully furnished but it's easy to buy everything from U of L students."

- July 2015 by Chiayun

"My son rented a one bedroom apartment at Cardinal Village this past year. It is so nice, safe, convenient. The apartment complex is located at the corner of 2nd St and Cardinal Blvd directly across the street from U of L and just a block down the street from Cardinal Towne. There is plenty of off street parking for residents which is well lighted. The external doors to the complex lock so only residents with keys can enter the building at night. Laundry is conveniently on-site. The apartment manager, Donna, is so helpful and does a wonderful job keeping everything properly maintained."

- May 2015 by G Kokojan